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Don't forget to rebuild all the tables -- that page also explains how to do that. The background image is specified by the $wgLogo variable, which is defined in DefaultSettings.php. I have a question not answered here. To edit a page, simply click the link that appears on each page. See Manual:$wgRawHtml as well as Manual:$wgGroupPermissions and Manual:Preventing access. Redefine this in LocalSettings.php to change the image. If the skin uses a different element for the title than a element with class firstHeading, you'll need to find the appropriate CSS selector to apply for that skin. The appropriate choice is to block the account or rename it if needed. Note that you will need to adjust the above rules to match your specific URL naming schema. Suppressing actions and special pages can be useful when you want to create the illusion of a static website via a particular URL or VirtualHost, but also have an 'internal' view that is a true wiki. More help is available at the Meta-Wiki MediaWiki Handbook. Coupled with the use of several extensions, this means that functionality between these wikis and your particular setup may differ. On creation of a page the edit box autofills with the default. If you wish to change the icon images, urls, alt text, or add new icons please see ' documentation. But it didn't work, the problem is still there!! Nine times out of ten this is because you didn't clear your cache. See Log in problems for information. The script is designed to import a whole folder of files into mediawiki, with the folder directory tree mapped as wiki category hierarchy. When uploading the favicon file, be sure the filename is in lowercase. Wikificator - a Javascript MediaWiki extension that converts XHTML to MediaWiki markup. If that solves the problem, you should still investigate what is wrong with your caching configuration. The Edit.php and importImages.php maintenance scripts can be used to import text and images into MediaWiki. It is often a good idea to transclude the site notice on the anon notice to make sure that logged-out users still get the information on the site notice. If you want to provide users the possibility to create and choose pages and interface elements in languages other than the default one of the wiki, you need the Translate extension, which can make your wiki multilingual. See Manual:$wgDefaultSkin for more information on configuring your default skin. For more information, see Manual:CSS. It's up to you how much or how little help you give to your site visitors and whether this relates to other aspects of your site.. We don't currently have a clean, internationalised set of help pages under a free license. Don't forget to save the page as well. If $wgSitename is correct in LocalSettings.php but {{SITENAME}} is still wrong, it may be that you're using a user-contributed language file which incorrectly sets $wgSitename to a transliteration of "Wikipedia". Extension:UserMerge is also useful. This can be confirmed by inspecting a thumbnail of a medium or big image on a page with the browser tools, looking at the HTML code, and see if the attribute contains commas instead of dots when representing the value. If {{SITENAME}} is producing the wrong text for you, you need to set $wgSitename in your LocalSettings.php. However the size of the p-logo will need to be big enough for the logo if it is not to be clipped. If this does not change the 'Main Page' link included on the sidebar at install time, edit. It is identified by the p-logo id. , this is only a hack, and isn't intended as a solution for a secure CMS. HTML to Wiki Converter - an online HTML to MediaWiki markup conversion service. Developer and SysAdmin tools HTML::WikiConverter::MediaWiki - a Perl module for converting from HTML to MediaWiki markup. Alternatively, you can use the NoTitle extension. It has a few more features than a shared user table, but it's more difficult to configure and it's tailored toward a Wikimedia-style setup. I've found a bug or have a feature request. Search the web for mime_content_type png for information on fixing this bug at the PHP level, possibly by editing your magic.mime file. Edit the language file to correct this. If the user has caused log entries, i.e. To do that, see Manual:User rights. You need to log in as an administrator to edit the protected entries in the MediaWiki namespace. Setting $wgSessionCacheType = CACHE_DB; can be used to determine if caching is the cause of the problem. Často kladené otázky bubbli půjčka. Usually you also want to. To make the link of the site-logo link externally to any other arbitrary URL, you can add a hook to your LocalSettings.php to override the mainpage href which is used by the logo. See Manual:Shared database for examples and more information. You can share other tables as well, as long as they don't contain any data dependent on non-shared tables or data specific to one wiki. See Extension:Secure HTML and Extension:HTMLets for ways to make this safer. To modify MediaWiki:Common.css you must have administrative privileges. Consider this snippet: This example code allows convenient addition of additional items to the regex without fiddling about each time. See if it is covered by Try to find out more about the problem, see See the section below for information on how to contact developers and other knowledgable users. Adding multiple items to the regex, however, can be awkward. Upload it into your web directory and invoke it with your browser. However, it is easier than attempting to completely merge multiple user tables into one. You can find a correct parameter by viewing HTML source of the main page and searching for the tag. This can be changed using the $wgCapitalLinksManual:$wgCapitalLinks configuration setting. Other drop down menu items you can remove are , ,. This location is relative to the web server root and not the system root. The content of the MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Vector.css pages always overrides the default CSS styles specified in the skin files. This can be changed by altering the contents of to point to a different title. Using the default Vector skin, this is in the form of a tab at the top of the page. If this doesn't work, you may be using a skin that doesn't support this, or you moved your main page without updating MediaWiki:Mainpage, or you have a really old MediaWiki version. See for hints and suggestions on how to deal with wiki vandalism. How do I change noindex nofollow Set $wgNoFollowLinksManual:$wgNoFollowLinks = false; in LocalSettings.php The OutputPage class includes an addMeta method which can be used to add meta tags. A form will appear, containing the existing markup.

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. If your wikis are already established and you want to switch to a single sign-on, you can use the CentralAuth extension. The simple test for this is to request a page that hasn't been requested before. Často kladené otázky qkonto. Add the following to on your wiki: If your main page uses a localized name or you have renamed the main page you need to change the page-Main_Page part. Často kladené otázky bubbli půjčka. For one page Place the magic word in the page's wikitext. I want to have multiple wikis, but only require registration once If you're starting from scratch or you're switching from one wiki to multiple, you can use $wgSharedDB and $wgSharedTables to have all wikis share the user table of the "main" wiki. If you want to change which internal site-page is the "main" site-page, edit MediaWiki:Mainpage. This set of pages have been deliberately created for this purpose, with wiki-neutral information, and no license restrictions. Check the document root and the path to php.ini. Users can add the same CSS rule to their common.css personal stylesheet. Don't forget to clear your browser cache after you change your settings.

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. I tried that but it didn't work I had a problem, I came to this page and it told me how to fix it. also the one coming from BlueSpice. To obtain the current development code, read Download from Git To check what version a Wikimedia wiki is running, as well as what extensions are installed, visit the Special:Version page for that wiki Fedora Core enables SELinux by default. See also Help:System messageHelp:System message. If the username is offensive or undesirable, then you could consider renaming it using the RenameUser extension." Another option is to give Admins the 'hideuser' right, and indefinitely block the user with the Hide username from edits and lists option selected. Or, if you want the latest development version packaged as an archive, get it at mwSnapshots. Users can change their signature in their preferences. There are multiple ways to hide it. The new default interface language will be applied to all users who haven't ever customised it. For information on customising these, please see Manual:Interface/Sidebar. The specification of the file-to-import is passed from standard input. If you are using a rewrite rule in.htaccess to remove "index.php" from the URL, you will also need to add an exception for.ico files. For installation and configuration instructions, consult the README file and extension page over here. After you've done that, click Edit and type in the edit box the text you want to be seen later on the main page - that's it. When you have finished making modifications, click the button to commit your changes. The code can be downloaded from Git if desired. This is useful for reviewing changes and correcting or reverting undesirable ones, but in some cases, administrators might want to make this information unavailable, for legal reasons, or to reduce the size of the database. On some wikis, a failed search for a page will contain a link which allows you to edit that page. You can also add text to to create a message that only displays for logged-out users. It also demonstrates two popular filters, which block some of the most common spam attacks. MediaWiki uses both a server-side cache and a client-side cache, so clearing your browser cache is often not enough. It will be displayed on top of every article page. To fix this, run the maintenance/rebuildImages.php script from the command line. Instead you need to edit a wiki page called MediaWiki:Common.css if you want to apply your CSS changes for all skins, or a wiki page called MediaWiki:Vector.css if you want to apply the customizations only for the Vector skin.

For example, the Hebrew language file is at languages/LanguageHe.php in your wiki directory. Check if the problem is on that page too. Twiddle your fingers on the keyboard for a while, hit enter. Obviously you can easily link your visitors to help resources elsewhere. Also, make sure that you copied all site CSS and JavaScript required by the template